C-Ball (Community Board Athletic Leadership League) is excited to provide a platform for interns who are looking to soar in their line of profession and community networking. It is our duty to guide a workforce of eager, committed and skilled individuals who are looking to be a part of a great organization with growth opportunities.
Here at C-Ball, interns will obtain knowledge of organizational structure, an understanding of various functions within specific components of the organization and develop interpersonal skills that will assist in any area of career interest. We desire vibrant personalities that have a strong passion for restoring humanity and community building in the non-for-profit sector. Applicants must be hard-working, detail-oriented, thrust worthy, fun and good-humored people who want hands on experience. If we have described you within this passage and you are a high school or college student, C-Ball welcomes you! 
Please call our office at 718.583.7017 Ext: 150 or email us at cballleague@gmail.com for further detailed information.