Your donation is extremely important and a vital aid in helping uplift the communities we serve that are in need. Trust that your involvement will enable us to continue our efforts to operate free, safe, entertaining and family oriented events catered to people within the boroughs of New York City.


C-Ball (Community Board Athletic Leadership League) is excited to provide a platform for interns who are looking to soar in their line of profession and community networking. It is our duty to guide a workforce of eager, committed and skilled individuals who are looking to be a part of a great organization with growth opportunities.


C-Ball (Community Board Athletic Leadership League) needs your help. Our non-for-profit citywide athletic and alternative organization requests your sponsorship because you are the key to rebuilding our challenged communities throughout New York City. Together we can make a difference that will foster positive change and it starts with you. Your interest as a potential sponsor is the first step towards the effort of saving the lives of all men, women and children we serve.
We encourage you to take a step forward as a sponsor and hope that you are inspired to become a long term partner with us uplifting others who are less fortunate. Excitedly, we are happy to collaborate with your person or organization as we embark on this C-Ball journey, igniting each community board in every district that makes up the entire City of New York.
Please join us if you desire to partake in touching the lives of all of New York City communities through this extraordinary market of quality service through the platform of C-Ball.
Please call our office at 718.583.7017 Ext: 150 or email us at for further detailed information.


C-Ball (Community Board Athletic Leadership League) is a non-for-profit organization that operates off the efforts of volunteers. It’s impossible to function without the dedication of people who invest their time to freely help others. So with great value, volunteers are the pulse of C-Ball. We encourage men, women and children of responsible age (19 and older) to help our cause to serve communities in need.
Our organization offers several perks that are beneficial to those who commit to a year at C-Ball. It’s important that all applicants are dedicated and serious individuals who are people friendly, good spirited and team players; Passionate people who are willing to help make a positive difference, uplifting self, family, friends, communities and humanity at large.
Please call our office at 718.583.7017 Ext: 150 or email us at for further detailed information.