The Community Board Athletic Leadership League, Inc. (better known as C-Ball) is a community based athletic and alternative non-for-profit organization designed for New York City youth both male and female, ages 7 through 18, who possess the ability to play sports at a competitive level, have established levels of academic proficiency in elementary through high school and who demonstrate a commitment to participate in NYC government practices on a local level, through their involvement at community boards in areas where they reside.

C-Ball encourages each youth athlete and member to become leaders in the community as well as role models amongst their peers, showcasing themselves as positive examples by displaying good behaviors at all times while upholding an educational standard of staying in school and obtaining good grades. C-Ball also requires that all youth athletes and members become familiar with the role and responsibilities of government on a local level, by engaging with Community Boards in areas where they reside through attendance at General Board and Committee meetings. At these meetings, youth will interact with older adults serving to bridge the generation gap while fostering respect through the exchange of ideas at the local community board level which would eventually promote positive dialogue amongst youth and older adults, the business community, local media and elected officials.

C-Ball, through league and tournament competition, will offer an opportunity for youth to receive team paraphernalia, media exposure, scholarship opportunities, as well as resources which would assist them in areas related to job development, employment, education, recreation, health, nutrition, physical development and other important youth services. Additionally, C-Ball will provide entertainment for youth and adults in areas of comedy, music, spoken word and dance, throughout the event. These activities will attract a host of community residents as well as college scouts for institutions of higher learning.

Lastly C-Ball will also serve to be an alternative league which will spearhead a platform for youth to compete against one another in high profile games and activities such as spelling bees, debates, chess, cheerleading, video game competition and more.