Mission Statement

489 E. 169th street 2nd Floor Bronx NY 10456
718 -588 – 1000 ext. 106


Our mission as a non-for-profit 501c3 organization is to directly cater to youth ages six (6) to seventeen (17) as well as young adults from the ages of eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24), with programming and events that directly spark their interest in order to grab their attention for the greater cause of developing the overall family towards becoming healthy, happy and productive citizens throughout the world. We have our motto that if we give them what they want, we can then give them what they need.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on providing positive as well as intriguing after-school, weekend, summer programming related to sports, music, media, health etc. In addition, we distinctively produce exciting events such as age appropriate parties, fun-filled outings, educational trips, elective group meetings, yearly block parties, cookouts, holiday celebrations, online and social media dialogs etc., which all ties into our youth and extend life organizational membership.

Furthermore, we extend our services to instill a sense of neighborhood pride and awareness to better serve our population that presents various ethnicities, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds where we can collectively attempt to reduce potential violent acts and behaviors while encouraging a sense of collective unity amongst each other. Our additional attack on such ills within our communities are armed with all of the above mentioned along with job and career development opportunities, school readiness/mentorship guidance, as well as providing an increased awareness for civic responsibilities and participation in government activities starting on a local level.

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